Step Into Positive Change



Businesses partnering with My Coffee Counts (MyCC) nominate local community-based charities for support.



The Loyalty Foundation (TLF) thoroughly evaluates nominated charities, ensuring credibility and impact.



Once approved, TLF directs funds to vetted charities, magnifying community impact through collective giving.


Our vision is to support community-based charities in their endeavour, to be generous and inclusive without restriction.

Our purpose is to inspire, support and aid business to consumer connectiveness.

Our aim is to serve and provide local communities with the financial support to create a difference.

Our support consists of individual consumers, business, and associated industry supply partners.

Our Values


  • We respect the inherent dignity of each and every human and each individual’s skills, experience, and contribution.
  • We acknowledge the special connection of First Nations’ Custodians to the lands and waters on which we work and pay our respects to First Nations Custodians, Elders past and present.
  • We value it when people give their time to good causes.


  • We create welcoming environments that are safe, inspiring, and fun.
  • We are caring and direct in our conversations, accountable for our decisions, and do what we say we’ll do.
  • We are committed to deepening the trust between donors, service providers and beneficiaries.


  • We don’t have all the answers and we look to learn from others.
  • We grow from our mistakes and our vulnerabilities to strive and listen intently.


  • All that makes a purposeful and lasting difference by supporting organisations in their programs.
  • Through practice, and collaboration by building connections to creating lasting impressions.
  • We are strategic, catalytic, and responsive to need in giving and supporting.


  • We practice, encourage, and appreciate the sharing of information, knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  • We work as one with a shared commitment to our vision, purpose and aims with all those who support and enable our work.

Nominate A Charity

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